Troop Bylaws


In operating the Troop (from the Committee perspective), sometimes it is unclear the best procedure to accomplish a goal, and we have to figure that out 'on the fly' or evolve a process over time. This page captures those processes and observations.

Troop Policies fall broadly in two categories: Ways we implement items from the bylaws, and items that are not covered by the bylaws. For the latter category, the biennial bylaw review should review the policies to see which should be incorporated into the bylaws and removed from this page. (Hey! The first policy!)

Summer Camperships

It is our desire to send any active Scout who wants to go to Summer Camp there. Financial issues may make this difficult for some families, and the Troop is usually fortunate to have Camperships available to help defray the costs for Scouts who need it. Understanding that this needs to be handled as privately as possible, but also that monitoring Troop expenditures is a Committee responsibility, Summer Camperships are handled like this:

  • A sub-committee is formed consisting of:

    • Scout Master

    • Troop Committee Chair

    • Outdoor Chair

  • Families/Scouts request Summer Camperships from one of the members above.

  • The sub-committee discusses requests considering the activity level of the Scout and the funds available.

  • The member who received the request notifies the family of the decision.

    • Usually Summer Camperships are awarded as "half tuition", though more can be requested if needed.

    • Based on our attendance goal stated above, it is rare that a Scout is denied a Summer Campership.

  • As a practical matter, two other Committee members must know the names of the Scouts receiving Summer Camperships. These people keep track of and make the Summer Camp payments, so they need to be in the loop.:

    • Treasurer

    • Summer Camp Coordinator

  • The Committee Chair conveys the number/amount of Summer Camperships to the Committee for discussion and, if not done in advance, approval. This is done keeping the recipients anonymous.

Note that Summer Camperships are designed for Scouts rather than adults.


We use the Band for our calendar and messaging.

  • For assistance visit the help page

  • To request access or for additional help email band@troop1203.net

  • Please check the Band app for last minute changes. It can take up to 48 hours before changes in Band appear on this page

Troop adults/parents ("Scouters") can use the Scout Parent/Committee Chat group to:

    • Inform our Scouters about Scouter related events (e.g., training)

    • Ask help from our Scouter community (e.g., "we need another adult for this weekend's outing!")

    • Ask questions/get clarification on Troop doings or activities (e.g., "What can I expect if I go on the outing this weekend?", or "Should we be shopping for a $100 sleeping bag?")

    • Disseminate important information that might not otherwise make it home. (e.g., "We mentioned it at the Troop mtg, but the next Uber Jamboree payment is due by Friday.").

This last example is an important one. As much as possible we want the Scouts to be the primary information path for Scouting things, but we aren't naive (really!), so we use Band as a 'back channel' for the important stuff. With this in mind, postings to the group should be addressed to the Scouters. Something like, "If your Scout is going on the backpack, please remind him that the shakedown is next Tuesday." Posts addressed to the Scouts really isn't the intended use (e.g., "Some of you are behind on your dues, so remember to bring money to the Troop mtg this week.")

Assume Scouts Read the Posts

As a rule of thumb, don't post anything you wouldn't say directly to the Scout at a Troop meeting.


It should go without saying, but Group posts need to be polite and civilized.

Troop Web Policy

The policy and photo release form is available below.