PLC - Patrol Leader Council

The Patrol Leader Council is the collective Youth Leadership of Troop 1203. This group is led by the Senior Patrol Leader and the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. Other members include all Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders, Patrol Guides, Instructors, Scribe, Librarian, OA Representative, Quartermaster and Den Chiefs.

The Patrol Leader Council meets approximately once a month on the Tuesday following a Troop Outing, when no regular Troop meeting is held. The PLC plans all Troop Meetings and Troop Outings scheduled for the coming month or until the next scheduled PLC meeting.

Every six months, the PLC meets to extend the Anual Plan forward another 6 months, to maintain a rolling 12 month calendar. Changes to the annual plan are presented to and approved by the Troop Committee.

For details on the Troop Activities, please visit the Troop News and Calendar pages.