Merit Badges

Step 1: Find a Counselor

In order to earn a Merit Badge, a Scout must first take initiative and contact merit badge counselor. A list of Merit Badge counselors for

San Diego Imperial Counselors

Troop 1203 Merit Badge Counselors

58 Merit Badges you can complete at home

Step 2: Meet With Your Counselor

When meeting with a Merit Badge Counselor, you must come with a buddy (usually a fellow scout who wants the same badge). Bring along an empty blue card (see left image), notebook, pencil, merit badge packet, and pamphlet (if you have it). Be sure to have a good idea of all the requirements before you show up. Follow the counselor's orders and complete the requirements. If necessary, schedule more meetings with the counselor and your buddy until you've completed all requirements. Be sure to receive a completed blue card with all of the requirements signed off.

Step 3: Submit the Blue Card

Once, completed submit your blue card to your Scoutmaster. Then, you're finished!

Summer Camp

Summer camps are always a great place to earn Merit Badges. There are counselors available for many different merit badges, and they can usually help you complete them in one week. A scout can earn around 5-6 merit badges maximum. Before picking your Merit Badges for Summer Camp, check to see if there are any prerequisites (requirements that must be completed beforehand). If you end up with a partial after Summer Camp, be sure to keep the blue card. Once you get home, find a local counselor, meet with them, and finish the last few requirements.