Current Eagle Coach: Keith Trahan


The "Eagle Coach" position was created to provide additional support and guidance for Scouts on their last leg of their Boy Scout adventure. By the time a Scout reaches Life Scout, he is often one of the "older" Scouts, and has additional activities that are competing for his time -- school, cars, girls are some tough competition for Scouting!

The Eagle Coach targets Scouts who:

    • Have achieved Life Scout or
    • Have turned 16 years old

The Eagle Coach provides materials and guidance to help the Scout plan his path to Eagle. These materials are listed below, and many are attached here. The goal is to identify all the steps required, set an initial set of milestone dates, and track those dates, updating the schedule when necessary.

It is cruicial in earning the rank of Eagle Scout, that the Scout becomes an Eagle Scout. The Eagle Coach provides the map, describes the terrain, and checks on the Scout along the trail, but the Scout prepares for the journey, and hikes the trail. He makes the choices and overcomes the obstacles, and in doing so, reaches the goal.

The Folder

The information provided to the Scouts is designed to be a "Final Leg to Eagle" folder. It contains:

  1. Introduction
  2. Key Resources
  3. Eagle Rank Plan/Schedule
  4. Milestones/Chronological Task List
    1. Calendar
    2. Individual Progress Report from TroopMaster (individually generated for each Scout).
    3. Individual History Report from TroopMaster (indivudially generated for each Scout).
  5. Letter of recommentation Instructions
  6. Letter of recommendation Example Envelope
  7. Letter of recommendation Example Letter
    1. Eagle Project Workbook (the standard BSA publication)
    2. Eagle Application (the standard BSA publication)