The Patrol Method of Scouting encourages friendly competition between Scout Patrols to develop leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship skills. During a Patrol Competition, Scouts team with their fellow Patrol members to accomplish an objective. Typically, the Patrol Competition will include a Scout skill or outdoors activity. Patrols are encouraged to work together as a team and demonstrate Patrol Spirit.

Here is an evolving list of Patrol Competitions for Troop 1203:

    • Backpack Relay - A competition to develop Backpack Organization and Situation Awareness
    • Tenderfoot First Aid - A competition to explain and demonstrate Tenderfoot First Aid Requirements
    • Knots Competition - A competition to encourage Scouts to develop Knot Tying Skills
    • Fire Building - A competition to challenge Fire Building skills
    • Flag Ceremony - A competition to teach and test Unit Flag Ceremony Skills

A patrol Recognition Black Feather is awarded to the Patrol that wins a Patrol Competition. Patrols of Troop 1203 participate in the Patrol Recognition to promote positive Patrol Behaviors.