Troop 1203 embraces the Patrol Method of Scouting. The Patrols of Troop 1203 participate in the Patrol Recognition program described below.

In January of 2009, Troop 1203 implemented a Patrol Recognition program to encourage and reinforce positive Patrol behaviors. Each Patrol was awarded a new Patrol flagstick. Patrols are now encouraged to make a new patrol flag during each Leadership period (about 6 months). This promotes Patrol member identity with their flag and the flastick serves as a coo stick for collecting Patrol Recognition feathers. At the end of a leadership period, the outgoing Patrol Leader keeps the Patrol Flag and a new flag is created. The flagstick is reused.

The Patrol Recognition program is defined and administered by the PLC with guidance from the Asistant Scoutmaster Patrol Advisors. Positive reinforcement of good Patrol behaviors is the key to the program. A colored feather is awarded for various Patrol behaviors. The table below defines our current defnition of Patrol Recognition awards: